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Dear Homebuyer

Congratulations on the accepted offer for the purchaseof your new home!

Why Wayne Soper Home Inspection Services?

Lets get to the point.

You have an accepted offer, and you need a home inspection. You want to know the truth about the home you are purchasing.

You don’t want a song and dance with bells and whistles.

You want a home inspection! Thorough , Honest, and to the point!

You want someone who has experience who can evaluate and determine conditions of the home that could cause future unexpected repairs or problems.

You want a licensed Professional! Ct License # 198

I have been in the home building and home inspection business for over 30 years and have a full working knowledge of all areas of your new home whether it is new or 100 + years old.  I have inspected thousands of homes, with thousands of Happy clients living in them.

I work alone.

I work for you!

When you call Wayne Soper Home Inspection services you be talking to me.

Not some phone salesman.

 Call me at tel: 203-855-7682  or       email:

I perform all the inspections myself. That is the only way I can feel secure in the fact that the job has been done right and that you are protected and happy with your new home.

My report is computer generated and very easy to understand with lots of digital photos where problem areas are indicated with arrows. This is not your typical check off report, but a state of the art inspection service program and reporting system. I believe this program to be the best on the market today which in turn allows me to give you the best report possible.

All inspections are performed in accordance with the State of Connecticut Standards and Practices for Home Inspectors.

The report will be emailed to you anywhere in the world within 24 hours and usually by the evening of the inspection. Please give me a call to discuss you needs and to set up an appointment to inspect your new home.

Don’t short yourself on learning about your biggest investment.

  You will not be sorry you called me!

Wayne Soper



Wayne Soper LLC Home Inspection Services
2 Seabreeze pl
Norwallk, Ct 06854
Telephone: 203-855-7682